Snowshoeing until May!

Above 2000m there is still a lot of snow, and we will be running our snowshoe courses and days into May this year, giving us an incredible seven month snowshoe season, as we started in mid November! In the last few days have visited the Plan d’Aiguille, Chalets de Loriaz, and Emmosson regions. The conditions are typical spring snow, and it seems to be a pattern of two bad days weather then a couple of great days weather. On the day days there is fresh snow above 1800m, but the temperatures are rising and the valley high temperatures yesterday afternoon hit 26Β°C. In terms of avalanche risks for snowshoeing, the warm temperatures have caused the avalanche rating to be 3 out of 5 recently, and there are patches of windslab and lots of point release slides. It has been really interesting for groups to learn about these conditions, and to develop their route planning and avalanche awareness skills, but even so there are still lots of safe places to go and enjoy a great day out snowshoeing in the sun.

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