Alps Summer Trekking

The true Alpine summer weather is here at last, with temperatures in the valley often above 30°C each day now, and the 0°C isotherm at 4100m today. Snow patches on the hiking trails in the valley are shrinking fast, and the trekking season is officially started! Already we have had groups on the Tour du Mont Blanc, and Chamonix treks. The photo was taken yesterday of one of our trekking groups ascending to Lac Blanc. The forecast for this week looks settled and hot, with a slight risk of afternoon thunder storms, as the convection cells build up on the sunny slopes. Mont Blanc has been climbed by several groups now on the Gouter Route, but the traverse / Trois Mont Blancs route still has too much snow and is avalanche prone. On the ascent to the Gouter hut, there is a lot of snow, which is great for reducing the risk of rockfall. It really looks like it is shaping up to be a great season for route conditions.

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