Final Summer Spaces

For those still looking for a Summer Alpine course, we only have a very few final spaces as follows; Intro Course 17-23 Aug (1 space) or 14-20 Sept (1 space), Mont Blanc 24-30 Aug (2 spaces), Walkers Haute Route 16-24 Aug (2 spaces), Gran Paradiso Trek 24-30 Aug (2 spaces), Alpine Autonomy 24-30 Aug (2 spaces) or 7-13 Sept (1 space), and Monte Rosa 4000m Peaks 31 Aug – 6 Sept (1 space). Once these final 12 spaces are filled, all our scheduled courses are full for the season! Don’t worry if your prefered date is not shown below, as extra dates can be run on any of our courses at the same price, as long as there are two people booking at the same time. Thanks to Chris for the photo, taken by his guide Sev, after a successful ascent of Mont Blanc, showing the reflection of the summit in his goggles. Brilliant photo, and definately an entry into our annual photo competition, whose first prize is an Icicle expedition 100 litre kit bag.

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