Guardian Article

In this Saturday’s Guardian newspaper, there was an article by Jon Trigell about an Icicle Intro Course he attended a couple of weeks ago, and you can read all about it at the link at the bottom of this blog post. The article is set in the context of some of the great climbing milestones that have recently been celebrated, the 150th anniversary of the Alpine Club, the 650th anniversary of the crusader Bonifactus ascending an Alpine peak, and the centenary of the Montenvers train to the Mer de Glace. With these great achievements and celebrations to spur him on Jon charts his voyage of discovery on the Intro course which led to his successful ascent of Gran Paradiso. In 100 years time, the Trigell Centenary ascent should draw crowds again! For those who recognise the name, Jon is an award winning author of ‘Boy A’ which was made into a Channel 4 film, and he recently published his second novel ‘Cham’. Photo credit to Patrik Lindqvist and The Guardian.

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