3 Countries Trek

Another group of ours has just completed the Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB), a week before the infamous North Face Ultra Trail race around the same circuit. The TMB visits France, Italy and Switzerland on its 165km long trip around Mont Blanc. The trip was led by Kingsley, seen here on the left of the photo, who also leads a lot of our other trekking and snowshoeing courses. On this trip the group took in the high points of the Col des Fours variation and the classic Fenetre d’Arpette. A key attribute of our TMB trips is the itinerary flexibility, so stronger groups and individuals can be catered for. You can see full details of the Icicle TMB on this link, and also can ‘see’ the route on the Google Earth map that is provided on the page; http://www.icicle-mountaineering.ltd.uk/tmb.htm.

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