Waist deep powder!

Reports from this weeks off piste groups in Chamonix and Verbier, report waist deep powder (and rising!). Here is a photo of Yan, one of our top off piste IFMGA Guides, skiing freshies in waist deep powder off the Grand Montets. Today it has stopped snowing, and the weather has cleared, but on the downside it has got very very cold. Today in Chamonix it was -13°C this morning, and at the top of Aiguille du Midi it was -25°C with a 70km wind. That converts to -44°C with windchill. A tad chilly, and definately too cold to even consider the Vallée Blanche safely. Our Chamonix group has decamped to Courmayeur for the day, to escape the cold north wind.

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