Summer has started

Our summer season has already started, with the first day of guiding being the 1st June. Groups have been trekking in the Mont Blanc region, and this photo came in yesterday from the group who had been hiking around the Col de Tricot and Miages region. The image is of the Miages Refuge and Mont Truc behind. The climbing guiding starts in the next few days. Chamonix is mourning the loss of one of its most famous inhabitants; Karine Ruby. She became the first gold medalist in snowboarding, and was training to become a mountain guide, when she fell into a crevasse last Friday. This loss must serve to make us mindful of the risks involved in the mountains, to prepare well before attempting peaks, to go well equipped, and to remember that the mountains are always greater than us. With this in mind, we wish everyone a safe and very successful summer Alpine season.

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