Mont Blanc lost photo

Here is a photo that means so much to those in it. On the right is Linda, standing proudly on the summit of Mont Blanc, guided by David. This wasn’t her first time on the mountain, as she had failed two years previously due to a undiagnosed illness, so to summit on the second attempt was especially sweet. On the top Linda got out her camera for the all important summit photo… and it didn’t work… it was too cold. A gutted Linda slid the useless camera into her pocket, but the day was saved by David who had the presence of mind to grab some passing climbers and get them to take this all important photo and to e-mail it when they got down the mountain. A perfect story of determination overcoming illness, and also of that special bond thats unites climbers both on and off the mountain.

2 responses to “Mont Blanc lost photo

  1. Yeah, Linda. Nice one. Well done, you deserved it. Hope to get my summit shot before too long. Well done to Dave too.LoveJohn Hart

  2. Thanks, John. As you know, I would have loved you to have been there with me. I hope you get to do it soon. I had a great week, a wonderful guide and, of course, a long awaited result.I hope to see you in the Lakes soon.Linda xx

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