Matterhorn in top nick

Here is a photo from a few days ago on the summit of the Matterhorn, after an ascent by the Hornli Arete. It seems that the word has got out that the mountain is in amazing condition this year, and our summit records are higher than ever before this season. The conditions are especially great because the mountain is dry up to the shoulder above the Solvay Refuge, and so crampons are only required for the top 300m or so to the summit. This means that the lower part of the mountain can be climbed quickly and safely in big boots without crampons. The summit ridge is still snowy, as you can see from this photo, but there is currently a good refreeze each night. Many congratulations to Brad, Sandy and Kevin who summited a few days ago, and good luck to the teams in the Hornli Hut tonight! You can check out our latest photos of the route at;

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