Mont Blanc calories!

Another week of 100% summit success on Mont Blanc, so well done to you all. Here is Simon celebrating on the summit yesterday. One of the group, Isaac, wore a fitness monitor to measure his heart rate and calorie burn totals. He is happy to share the data with everyone, so they can plan their training and diet accordingly. He did the Mont Blanc course with the Acclimatisation Weekend before, and here are some of the key day totals which exclude the recommended 2,500 calories per day for a 80kg male. Approach to Berard refuge 2,580 kcal, ascent of Mont Buet 5,017 kcal, Cosmique Arete 2,500 kcal, ascent to Gouter Hut 3,300 kcal, and the ascent and descent of Mont Blanc 6,600 kcal. That means the two day ascent of Mont Blanc burned 9,900calories in excess of the 5,000 kcal that would have been burned anyway, so a staggering 15,000 calories in total for the two day climb!

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