Ultra-Trail Mont Blanc

This weekend saw the North Face Ultra Trail event in Chamonix, the key event of which is the mythical trail running race which follows the Tour du Mont Blanc 166km in length with over 9400m of ascent (to put it in perspective, that’s twice Everest from Base Camp!). This years winner was Kilian Jornet, the young Spaniard who also won the race last year. The womens race was won by the American Kristin Moehl, who after a great running duel with last years winner Liz Hawker, eventually broke free and won by a comfortable margin of over an hour, finishing 11th overall! Of the 2200 who started the race only 1382 reached the finish. Well done to all those who ran. If you are interested in trail running, you can see our Alpine trail running courses at; http://www.icicle-mountaineering.ltd.uk/chamonix%2Btrail%2Brunning.html

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