Mont Blanc rescue!

Four Icicle guides were involved in a high altitude rescue on Mont Blanc on Wednesday evening that saved 19 people. Kingsley from the Chamonix team answered a call from a Slovakian number saying their friends had called them stating they were lost on the Dome du Gouter. He called the PGHM Chamonix Mountain Rescue, who then assessed that there was too much wind and storm risk to fly their helicopters. They then called the Gouter hut and asked for any guides available to form a search team. Icicle Guides Francis (FRA), Pascal (FRA), Ervin (SLO), and Paolo (ITA) answered the call and set off in bad visibility and fresh snow, with five other guides. After nearly two hours of searching, they found a team of 18 Slovakians and 1 Japanese climber, who were desparately trying to dig a snow hole to escape the storm. The guides helped the 19 lost climbers back to the Gouter hut, and to safety. Well done guys – good job. You can read the newspaper article at;

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