2010 brochure out now

Our new 2010 brochure is out NOW!!! We are just finishing at the London Ski Show at Olympia, and the brochure and new range of courses has been really well received by the press and public. A very popular option is our gourmet hut ski tour weekends! The front cover photo is a fantastic summit picture of Mont Blanc, having ascended by the traverse route from the Aiguille du Midi. We are posting a copy of the 2010 brochure to all those who have previously been on courses, and everyone else on our mailing lists. If you aren’t sure if we have your postal address, please e-mail us. For those who can’t wait for the UK postal service to sort itself out, then you can get a quick sneek of the range of courses and 2010 dates at the link below, where you can download a PDF version of the brochure; http://www.icicle-mountaineering.ltd.uk/icicle%2Bbrochure%2Bdownload.html

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