Snowshoe feedback

I have just arrived back in Dublin, and would like to thank you for a fantastic week. It definitely exceeded my expectations, and my limitations. I did not realise I could walk so much and so high in such remote areas (mainly due to Kingsley’s skill and style of motivation in such a positive way), and to trek in three countries in one week was amazing (France, Switzerland, Italy). I was interested to see what it would be like to go alone on a trip, and met with a great and interesting group of people, the week passed very quickly. It was excellent to learn about avalanches and such a vast amount about general mountaineering. Kingsley’s knowledge is endless. The organisation and communication was excellent, even down to simple things, restaurants etc. I look forward to going back to Mont Blanc again. Once again thank you for a fantastic week“. Niall, Chamonix Snowshoe Course, January 2011.

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