Alpine Apprenticeship


Fast track your Alpine climbing career, with this month long course in the Alps. You’ll climb in Switzerland, France and Italy, over four weeks of back to back courses bolted together. The structure is to start with an Alpine Intro week in which you ascend Gran Paradiso 4061m, then to follow this with a Mont Blanc 4810m week. The third week is based in huts in the Monte Rosa, bagging 4000m peaks, and the last week you gave a choice of tackling the Matterhorn 4478m or Eiger 3970m. This month will be action packed, full of great climbs and learning key techniques.

We initially developed this course as we remembered our first climbs in the Alps, and how steep the learning curve was. We want you to bypass the mistakes we all made, with a well structured, and unforgettable month of climbing. For course details and the itineraries, click here.

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