Snowshoe review


Yesterday we were out filming a snowshoe test, of our most popular two brands of snowshoe, which we stock in our Windermere store. These are the MSR Lightning Ascent, and the TSL 325 Escape. We were in Chamonix Mont Blanc, in the French Alps, and enjoyed a day of fresh powder and perfect snowshoeing conditions. The film reviews the snowshoes, and shows the terrain they are best suited to, and why you might choose one rather than the other depending on where you want to go.

This film really shows why our Windermere Mountain Store is different from other outdoor shops. We only offer equipment that we recommend for our courses, and which we use ourselves when guiding. It’s kit that we know extremely well, and have tested to the limits. With this background, we can offer expert advice, and you have the knowledge and faith that we have selected only the best kit to offer you.

If you watch the film, and would like to get any further advice, then please get in touch. We have both models of snowshoe in stock in Windermere, and you can shop on-line | in-store | by phone.

If you’d like to see the range of snowshoes we stock in our Windermere Mountain Store in the Lake District, click here. We offer discounts for course clients, whether you are booked on a week long course or simply a one day snowshoe trek.

For those who have been snowshoeing with me (Kingsley) before, you’ll spot a guest appearance of my dog Maximus a couple of times in the film. There was no way he was hiding behind camera all day!

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