Lightweight touring kit


It’s the ski touring season in the Alps, and we’ve been working hard to develop a range of the best performing lightweight ski touring hardware to stock in our Windermere mountain store. Welcome to the Lightweight Orange Revolution – through no influence of our own, it seems this season if you are going for super light touring kit, you’ll be an Oompa Loompa!

We’ve been talking to suppliers, guides, and of course our clients, to gauge what you are after, and to balance it with what performs best for the weight. This year, more than ever, many ski tourers are contacting us, asking us to supply good lightweight ski touring kit, to help reduce the pack weight.

Here’s the result! The above picture shows some of the favourite top sellers, and new items we are now stocking, as well as their weights in grams. As you’ll see, there’s some seriously good and light kit on offer this year. Remember that if you are an a Icicle course client, you are eligible for a generous discount on all this equipment.

To visit our a Windermere store website, click here.

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