Ortovox 3+ review


We’ve stocked the Ortovox 3+ in our Windermere shop for a couple of years now, and here’s the reasons why we selected it. This model is a 3 antenna digital transceiver, with one button that is rotated to use it in search mode. The unit has an automatic sensitivity adjustment, and calibrated audio for close proximity to burials.

A great safety feature is the automatic revert to transmit if there no movement, so if a searcher is caught in a secondary avalanche, the transceiver would detect that they were no longer moving and would switch back to transmit. The 3+ can mask and un-mask signals, and has an easy to view circular display for pinpoint searches.

The software is updateable, and the transceiver comes with batteries (2X AA) and a harness with a detachable leash. We have found this transceiver very good and reliable, and have updated some of our rental equipment to include these units. You can see the transceiver in our store by clicking here.

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