Matterhorn focus


We’ve been operating Matterhorn courses for nearly 15 years now, so know a fair bit about the mountain, and thought we should share some knowledge better with you, to help with research and preparation for this climb. These focus pages already exist for other popular mountain trips that we offer, such as Mont Blanc, but we are developing more that are going online in the next few weeks.

All this work is part of our efforts to help our clients train and prepare better for their course, to give them the best chances of summit success. On this Matterhorn page we’ve got route descriptions, history, and even a podcast on what it’s really like. We hope that the level of detail that we provide really marks us out from other operators, and confirms our status as a true expert in this amazing mountain, and running great trips to it.

This summer the Hornli hut is closed for renovations, but we have four alternative accommodation plans to make it happen for you. Read the course itinerary for details. The effect of the hut being closed this year will hopefully make it quieter on the mountain, as in 2015 it is likely to be extra busy with climbers wanting to ascend the Matterhorn in the 150th anniversary celebrations of the first ascent.

Course itinerary:

Mountain focus:

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