Leaving no trace


We’ve been a member of ‘Leave No Trace’ for a number of years, and have been busy editing all our expedition itineraries and trip dossiers over the past week. To be honest it’s a tough job to on the one hand promote and attract clients to visit the mountains, whilst on the other hand safeguarding them for future generations. It’s easy for the cynical to claim corporate greenwash being issued by many adventure travel companies, but we think we are striking a good balance between promotion and preservation. Here’s how…

The key is to involve and educate all our guests in the process of environmental stewardship of the mountains. We can only make a meaningful impact when we get big numbers involved, and by teaching good practice, we can spread the word further. Over the coming weeks we are updating our winter course itineraries for next year, and we are working hard on reducing the impact of our operations, with less driving and more use of environmentally responsible mountain huts and accommodation.

Our environmental policies are advertised at; Icicle Environment Page, and you can read a recent publicity post from LNT on their Facebook page about the benefits of membership, and they are keen for it to be shared, so feel free to support them if you can; Leave No Trace on Facebook.

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