Why Windermere?


Time flys, but our UK office only moved to Windermere back in 2012, where we expanded to open a shop. We sometimes get asked why we are based in Windermere, and the answer is easy. Look at the photo above, and it’s taken from a fell called Orrest Head, just across the road from the shop door. It only takes 20 minutes to reach the ‘summit’ at 239 metres, but just look at the views into the Coniston and Langdale fells across Lake Windermere. We are based here as it’s the gateway to the hills.

Orrest Head was the first peak that a certain young Alfred Wainwright ascended, and he describes it as “our first ascent in Lakeland, our first sight of mountains in tumultuous array across glittering waters, our awakening to beauty” and as “a fitting finale, too, to a life made happy by fellwandering“. The history isn’t lost on us at all…

Our courses often provide clients their first mountain summits, and we hope a similar awakening of a lifetime of love for the mountains. To be based at the foot of this modest but hugely influential Lake District fell, is a privilege for us, and it reminds us daily what we are providing others.

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