Mont Blanc all up!


Here’s a photo from the summit of Mont Blanc today at 06:45am, of Jisoo and Stephen as they started descending to the Gouter. The guides all reported perfect conditions on the mountain today, having braved a snowstorm while ascending to the hut yesterday. A huge congratulations to you all for your efforts. This is our second consecutive successful week on Mont Blanc, with all our teams on the mountain reaching the top. For those on our Mont Blanc courses (click for itinerary) over the next few weeks, these perfect conditions will come as great news!

If you are still yet to book a summer trip, the advice cannot be simpler. The conditions are very good at present, and we have some final spaces over the next ten weeks, so suggest you get in contact a.s.a.p. to confirm availability. If you are shopping around, you’ll notice that our recommended fitness requirements are more than any other operator recommends (click for details), and we firmly believe that our strong ethics and standards really tip the balance in making your dream become a realistic and safe reality on this iconic mountain.

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