Monte Rosa summits


There’s been a huge amount of the snow in the Alps this summer season, which has been bad news for some mixed routes, though excellent for the glaciers and snow routes. Now good weather has returned, and the snowpack is stabilising fast, with the avalanche risk dropping steadily. Last week on Monte Rosa, our team enjoyed some great summits and they found the best weather in the Alps, as you can see from the photo above.

There is just one Monte Rosa 4000m peaks course this season, running the 31 August – 6 September, and it has just 2 spaces left. The week is hut based in between each day of guiding, and you traverse the massif, climbing 4000m peaks each day. One highlight is staying the night in the Margherita mountain hut on the summit of Signalkuppe, as it is the highest hut in the Alps.

To view a photo gallery from recent trips click here, or for the full course itinerary then click here. The photos from last week are on our Facebook gallery, click here.

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