Alps iconic images


Every now and then we come across a photo that just sums up why we climb, and this one says it all. Lori was guiding Chloe and Dave last week, and took this stunning shot on the ridge of the Aiguille d’Entreves on the border of Italy and France. With the crisp snow, the blue sky, and the bright jackets of the climbers, it just lures you in and makes you want to be there. This route isn’t technically very hard, but the exposure is massive, and this photo captures that, though the climbers look relaxed and happy.

Our summer season in the Alps is almost over now, and we’ve only a couple of weeks left. If you really have left things to the last minute, we have two final course places on the week of 7-13 September…
1 space on the Mont Blanc course (
1 space on the Tech Ice & Classics course (

The latter course tackles the Aiguilles d’Entreves during the week, so if the photo above inspires you, there’s time yet this summer…

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