Summer 2015 LIVE


This summer may be over, but there are plenty of you making plans for 2015 already, and we’ve really been busy with groups booking our Mont Blanc (link to itinerary) and Alpine Introduction (link to itinerary) courses. There has been no increase in these course prices for 2015. Many people are also scheduling a meeting with a member of our Alpine guiding team, at our Windermere office and shop, to talk through their plans and to look at an audio-visual presentation about their trip. A key part of choosing a company is being able to come and talk about your plans with an experienced course advisor face to face. In an increasingly virtual world, we know our clients value speaking to real people, getting open and honest advice.

By now you’ll have got the idea that an integral part of booking, is the ability to get good knowledgable advice, and a highly personal service. Some people do just book online, but we are there every step of the way to walk you from the initial enquiry, right through to your course, if you need. Unlike some companies that are only exist virtually in cyberspace, we are staffed by real people, in a real office (click to view), who offer real honest advice. Because we are tangible, we are accountable, and we take great pride in that and the service that we offer you. Anyway, time to put the coffee mugs out. Get in touch to come in for a chat soon.

In the photo at the top, is Steve T descending from the summit of Mont Blanc this summer. Congratulations Steve!

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