Which crampons?


The first snows are falling across the Alps and in Scotland, and our thoughts are turning towards the ice climbing season, which is just around the corner. We seemingly aren’t alone, as a few people have been in contact to ask for advice on which crampons are suitable for their course. Emma from our Windermere store has just finished producing a useful crampon advice and selection page on the website, which you can view here.

There are so many questions to answer when choosing a crampon: 10 point or 12 point, or 12+ points? Dual point or mono point? Alloy or Steel? Heel clip or strap? There are so many questions and options when it comes to choosing crampons, but the starting point must be ‘What do you want to use them for, and what terrain will you use them on’. Do you need an around crampon that can be used for a variety of terrain, or do you need a technical crampon for high end ice? What type of footwear you are going to use your crampons with is also an essential decision as to which crampons are suitable. Proper fitting of your boots properly is also key, if your crampons are too big for your boots they will turn your feet in a way that could leave you at risk of an ankle injury. To view our equipment lists overview page, please click here.

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