Ski Tour itineraries


Now that there’s good snow in the Alps, we are very busy with bookings for ski touring. To help you decide which trip is most suitable for you, we’ve produced printer (& mobile / tablet) friendly PDF’s of all our key trips, so you can read them offline. We know exactly how it feels to stare at a screen all day, and while these itineraries have taken a huge amount of production time, we know it’s what we would appreciate.

We also know how much we all value privacy, and so you don’t even need to provide us your e-mail address to download or print these dossiers. If you’d like to view a dossier, here’s an example on the Haute Route ski tour page; click here for page, or click here for the dossier.

This process of making as much information freely available is a key move that we are making, and you’ll see more and more appearing on our website, from equipment advice pages to mountain focuses, training advice and articles we’ve written which you might find useful in researching a trip. It’s very much a work in progress, but we want you to gain immediate access and benefit from all this information.

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