FREE guiding


Free guiding? Yes, I thought that would get your attention. This winter we are offering 1 hour of completely free guiding for anyone buying an avalanche transceiver from our Windermere store. If you buy 2 transceivers, you get 2 hours guiding, and onwards and upwards. There’s no cap on the amount of free guiding we can offer, and it is available either in the Lake District or in the Alps in selected locations.

With the avalanche risk level currently at 4/5 across most of the Alps, with predictions of it rising to 5/5 over the weekend, now is the time to make sure you have the best kit, and are well educated in its use. We only sell digital transceivers, and have selected the models which we think offer the best features and simplicity of use. To view the range of avalanche equipment that we offer, click here.

This offer of free guiding is an example of our move to offer increased mountain safety social responsibility, and we believe that this really marks us out as a shop. Sure you can shop around on the internet, and find yourself a deal, but you won’t get the peace of mind that you have free training from experts. We hope this community safety initiative, which is newly launched this winter, goes well that so we can continue to offer it in the future.

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