Kilimanjaro summit


Summit success on Kilimanjaro for our most recent group! Congratulations, and thanks for the photo sent in by Andrew and Michael of them on the roof of Africa, in quite cold and snowy conditions, but with perfect weather up high. This group ascended by the Machame route to the top, and descended to Mweka gate.

If our scheduled dates don’t suit, don’t worry as for groups of just two or more, we will run bespoke trips on any dates outside the rainy seasons for exactly the same price as the standard courses. This offers exceptional value for money for those seeking a more exclusive experience as a couple or in a small group of friends.

We also offer ascents from the north of the mountain bu the Rongai route, so you can select which you prefer, and the Rongai only costs ยฃ50 extra. For full details of both of the trip itineraries, click here.

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