Alpine Skyrunning

IMG_6834 copy

What is skyrunning? It’s trail running in higher altitudes, on rougher ground, and on snow, in more remote mountain areas. Following the boom of trail running in the Alps, skyrunning is the next step, for those who want to escape the crowds that bit more. It’s hard to give much more of a precise description or definition of skyrunning, as it’s the choice of line on a mountain that defines it. Hopefully these two photos from last week will better explain it. Above is a photo of Kate on the rock slabs below the Aiguille du Salenton, and below as she crests the final slope of the Vertical Kilometre route with Chamonix far below.

IMG_6778 copy (1)

Skyrunning is pushing trail running to its absolute limits, where it starts to border mountaineering or scrambling. If you imagine a Venn diagram of two overlapping circles, where the one on the left is labelled trail running, and the one on the right is mountaineering, then the overlap section belongs to Skyrunning. It’s an exhilarating area, and if you want to find out more, or to consider joining one of our trips, click on one of the links below or get in touch.

To view the photo gallery of this trip, click here. For the course itinerary and full trip details, click here. Our next weeks with space are; 19-25 July (2 final spaces), and 30 Aug – 6 Sep (3 spaces). The week costs just Β£699 including 5 days guided running and B&B accommodation in Chamonix.

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