Some people make big bold brash ascents of mountains, in a blaze of noise and publicity. Others climb quietly, yet their climb means so much to them, that this speaks far greater volumes to us. We hear the quiet ones all the more. Above is a photo of James on his way to the summit of the Matterhorn yesterday, guided by Francois, with the Hornli hut visible far below. There’s just something about the photo that sums up what this climb means. Maybe it’s the look in his face that shows pride and deep satisfaction at being in such a spectacular situation on such a famous mountain, but it’s more than that; it’s a look of quiet determination that opens a window into the emotions of this amazing climb.


This year is the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the first ascent by Edward Whymper and his party. We’ve had teams ascend by the Hornli Arete, and earlier in the season by the Lion Ridge (before it closed due to rockfall), and every single one of our teams has reached the summit. A huge congratulations to you all for your successful climbs, and an even bigger thank you all for the spirit in which you climbed this iconic peak. It’s been a privilege to see you all on your return from the mountain, and to see how quietly affected by the ascent everyone has been.

We have just three final opportunities to join us on an ascent of the Matterhorn in its anniversary year, and the dates are 23-29 Aug, 30 Aug – 5 Sep, and 6-12 Sep. If you would like to read more about our itinerary for this climb, then please click here.

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