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Temperatures across the Alps have dropped significantly, and the snow line is dropping over this weekend, which will bring many routes back into condition, and it will lessen risks of rockfall, which is great news. The photo above was taken by Lori yesterday on the Dent du Geant, and this week we have also had teams summit the Matterhorn and Castor in Switzerland, as well as one of our guides reporting perfect conditions on the Kuffner Arete on Mont Maudit.

It seems like the heatwave of mid-season is now over, and we are moving into more seasonal temperatures. In a strange way, it will be a relief to put on the insulation jackets in the mornings, and not to worry about the freezing levels. We anticipate fresh snow will massively improve conditions on Mont Blanc, though the traverse route is still being ascended by competent teams to and from Aiguille du Midi.

There is no doubt that this approach of autumn is bringing technical routes back into condition, so if you are still looking for some last minute options for this summer season, we have a few final options to consider…

For a more skills based and technical instruction course, look at the;
Alpine Autonomy Techniques, 30 Aug – 5 Sept (2 spaces) – link

The remaining spaces on our technical Alpine courses this season are;
Matterhorn, 23-29 August (1 space) – link
Eiger Mittillegi, 23-29 August (1 space) – link
Tech Ice & Classics, 6-12 September (1 space) – link

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