Grivel Mountain Runner


Once a year or so we bleat about a new bit of kit, which we feel is significantly innovative or different. We don’t rant and rave about every new item of stock, so people can genuinely trust our reviews. We’ve started to stock the Grivel Mountain Runner 12 litre capacity race vest. This is specifically designed for trail running, but it’s also equipped with ice axe loops, so is also for those travelling very fast and light in the mountains. It was specifically designed for use in the Tor des Geants ultra trail, the longest mountain race in the world at 330km, with 24,000m of vertical, so we know it’s tough as with all Grivel products.

So what made this race vest really stand out to us? Grivel isn’t famed for making lightweight products. They make bombproof kit. Bucking the trend, this pack only weighs 510g, with a back length of 43cm. There’s a 12 litre capacity, which is enough to carry the obligatory kit on even the longest ultra-trails, and Grivel have made extensive use of air mesh material to make weight savings and assist drying. There are double chest straps, and multiple compartments and pouches to store water bottles, food, camera and safety kits.

KIT grivel mountain runner 12

If you’d like to know more, or to buy one of these packs, click here. These race packs retail at £70 each (with free UK postage), and there’s a discount for our course clients. This offers exceptional value against comparable products such as the Salomon S-Lab 12 (c.£110) or Ultimate Direction SJ Vest (c.£95), and the saving is largely generated because people don’t usually associate Grivel with trail running, so it’s currently offered at a great price. Move quickly before too many people realise, and the price creeps upwards!

We also know all about the Tor des Geants, and “got the t-shirt” (below), so to speak. Read about our race report by, clicking here.


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