Snowshoe to Mont Truc

Today the weather was clear, apart from a large lenticular cloud that hung over Mont Blanc. This bodes for worse weather tomorrow, so a snowshoeing group of ours took advantage of the weather window to ascend the summit of Mont Truc, above the Contamines valley. From the top the Domes du Miages towers above, and there were ski tracks down the glacier from a group that had ascended to the Conscrits hut the day before. On the way down from the top we cut around to visit the Chalets du Miages, and this route was still in good condition, but beneath the Maison Neuve snowshoes weren’t required any longer, so this route is now finished until next winter season. You can check out photos of this summit at:, as well as photos of a recent snowshoe trek to the Emmosson Lake. If you are interested in a snowshoeing course, look at the Icicle website, and select the ‘Ski, Trek & Adventure’ button on the top bar, then ‘Snowshoeing’, to see the range on offer.

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