Mont Blanc Summit

After a very snowy start to the season, the last few weeks have seen plenty of successful Mont Blanc ascents by our groups. Last week saw very snowy conditions for the group ascending to the Gouter hut, where the Guides had to pitch the climb for security. When asking one of the Guides what is was like on his descent, he used just one word; “Himalaya”. Well done to all those who made it up there! Now we are in a fairly settled weather pattern for Mont Blanc, with sunny and hot days, with the risk of a late afternoon storm. Last week saw several days where the 0° isotherm was over 4000m, which is making the Alpine starts even more important to benefit from good snow conditions, before the heat of the day makes it more slushy and hard going. With conditions like this, travelling light with exactly the right equipment is essential to ensure that your reserves of energy are maintained for the climb itself.

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