JetForce Airbag


What’s the first word on a skiers lips as they step out of the telepherique for their first off piste line of the day; powder, freshies, gnarly, drop-in’s? The list is endless, but it rarely features airbag or safety in it. More’s the shame, as the latest firmware update on the Black Diamond JetForce Halo 28 avalanche airbag, has produced a serious bit of kit that every passionate skier should consider as important as their skis or boots. Safety has finally become sexy, and (more importantly) versatile and innovative. Here we see what all the fuss is about.

Fortunately the pace of development of avalanche airbag technology is really picking up, and now the days of rechargeable canisters, which airlines often refused to carry, have been replaced. Black Diamond have developed a 200 litre tough Cordura airbag inflated by a high speed electric fan, which is powered by a rechargeable battery, allowing up to 4 deployments per charge.

The Halo 28 has picked up several design awards, and gear test editors choice selections, from some of the most respected testers in the industry. To review the awards click for Black Diamond or Outdoor Gear Lab reviews. It is clear that BD have developed a safety game changer with this kit, and with the approaching ski season, it’s really got our attention.

Rather than indulge in bland safety mission statements, our ethics drive us to put our money where our mouth us, and we’ve selected these packs for our safety hire kit for key courses, such as the Intro Ski Touring and Chamonix Off Piste weeks. Click on either link for details. These latest firmware models of airbag, can be hired for just Β£20 a day. At these extremely low hire prices, it’s going to be a close run thing to see if the bags ever cover cost, but there’s no price on safety, right?

In addition, we also stock this ingenious product in our Windermere store (click to view) for those who wish to purchase the product. If you are a course client, remember you get a 20% reduction off all equipment!

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