Willy waving!


You clicked on the title of this post just that bit quickly to be completely innocent! Sorry to disappoint, this is no discussion of nude alti-frolics, but more of a comment on the rising spate of metaphorical, literary, artistic and selfie-stick generation altitude willy waving. The photo above shows two of our clients having their Mont Blanc summit picture photobombed by a random half naked man. Was reaching the summit not enough in itself for him?

The highest summit in the Alps, Mont Blanc (White Mountain) saw Danish artist Marco Evaristti (link) plan to paint the summit red in 2007, an ‘installation’ designed to highlight global environmental degradation (link). In the UK, the summit of Scafell Pike has been subject to two recent ‘attacks’, firstly by Ecuadorian artist Oscar Santillan removing the top inch of the cairn to display it in a London gallery (link), followed a few weeks later by Richard Bennett (link) writing verses of the poem The Emerald Tablets of Thoth in indelible marker on the shortened remains of the summit cairn.

What is it with recent times that makes people want to make that extra statement, that ‘just’ reaching the top does not? Maybe it’s because it’s a El Nino year, or because the definition of ‘art’ seems every vaguer. If you think we should make contingencies for guides carrying altitude willy warmers in case a client decides to ‘express themselves artistically’, think again. Rest assured, we’ll point and laugh!

If you think you can keep your clothes on long enough, check out our one week ascents of Mont Blanc, run each week of the summer season; click here. Sorry to be boring, but our fully clothed 2016 itinerary is improved to offer greater flexibility weather windows, to make it happen for you. No artistry here, just a Ronseal approach…

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