‘Youf’ on Kilimanjaro

summit2 copy

A massive congratulations to Jodie and Steve for their recent success on Kilimanjaro. Even more so for Jodie, who is only 16 years old, and our equal youngest client to summit this peak. It’s a tough call on how young is suitable for this climb, but we accept people aged under 18 and over 16, if they are travelling with a parent. Many 16 year olds, such as Jodie, are young women who have trained hard for the climb, and are very well prepared.

As her dad Steve reported “The trip was fantastic. We were lucky with the weather I think. I love that Machame route.  Every day a complete change of scenery.  Also the 7 days gave us that edge for acclimatising which I think was a good call.  We saw several people on their hands and knees on the ridge wishing they had spent a bit longer acclimatising.  I really didn’t want to take any risks with a 16yr old in tow.   Jodie did really well by the way. She was easily my equal on the big climb  (if not fitter).  All that training paid off. As far as feedback goes – I am struggling to think of anything you could improve really – it all ran perfectly smoothly. Evans was great“. Whilst we couldn’t wish for better feedback, it was down to your training before, that made it really happen for you, so congratulations again from all of us!

Spare too a thought for Jodie, who is now back at school getting ready for her GCSE exams this summer. We hope the excitements of last week aren’t making school too tough, and a culture shock. Just smile, and say ‘Jambo‘ to the teachers 😉 You’ve also got quite a cool dad, who take you on trips like these!

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