Winter Trail Running


In the winter months, it’s common for runners to be put off by the weather, and for the mileage and training to take a dip. This seems especially true for those visiting the Alps in the winter, due also to concerns about avalanche risk and a lack of knowledge of where to go. We are delighted to offer both winter trail running weekends (link), as well as bespoke winter trail guiding days or half-days.

It’s a common query for people to ask if winter running is exceptionally hard work physically. The answer is that you can make it as easy or hard as you’d like. Running through light powder snow over a good base is delightful, breaking trail in heavy snow is hard, and running on consolidated snow is easy. It’s up to you to decide what style of winter trail running you’d like, and for us to provide it!


Gone are the days where people plan a whole winter holiday of one activity. If you are visiting the Chamonix region, and want to arrange a tripΒ with a difference, get in contact for a winter trail running experience. Your normal trail running shoes and clothing are fine, and we’ll provide an avalanche beacon, and a highly experienced and qualified trail running guide, who is an expert in the region.

These photos and video were taken last week in Chamonix, on a day where Bernadette went out guided by Kingsley.

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